The Lay Organization was organized in 1945 during South Florida Annual Conference in Cocoa, Florida, Bishop Tookes, appointed Dr. A. J. White of St. Paul AME Church in Tampa, as state Lay president and Brother E.M. Blocker president of the South Florida Conference.

In 1948, newly assigned Bishop John Andrew Gregg called his first district meeting at Edward Waters College, and the first item on his agenda was to call a special meeting to elect a president of the laity.

Felix White from the East Annual Conference was elected president. He was the longest tenure as President (1953-1971).

Selmo Bradley from the Florida Annual Conference was elected in 1971-1984. Obtained Lakeland property donate by Senator Scott Kelly Eleventh Episcopal District Lay Organization Store in Quincy Hosted Biennial in Miami.

James L. Williams (JL) from the East Annual Conference was elected 1984-1992. Brought organizational structure in terms of meetings Hosted Connectional and Episcopal Meetings.

Jesse L. Burns, Jr. from the West Coast Annual Conference (formally known as Tampa Annual Conference) was elected 1992-2000. Commission System implemented Added Fall E-Board Meeting Awards Banquet LEDP established.

Marian Bacon White from the South Annual Conference was elected 2000-2008. Selmo Bradley scholarship program implemented Structured timeline for Annual Convention planning Episcopal district directory First Lay Retreat Lay Benevolent Auxiliary changed to Laura P. Robinson Benevolent Auxiliary.

Charlie Nichols from the Florida Annual Conference was elected 2008-2016. SMART goal reporting Format Hosted Regional Training Retreat with 9th Episcopal District Bahamas Conference returned to Convention rotation Annual Convention held at Edwards Waters College.

Patricia Wright from the West Coast Annual conference was elected 2016 – Present. Publication of 3Rs Growing your Lay Organization Scholarship Ads project awarded $24,000.


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